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Male Fertility Diagnostic Testing & Consultations

Nearly 15 percent of couples are infertile, meaning they haven’t gotten pregnant after trying without protection for at least a year. But infertility is not just a women’s issue. Both genders can have problems that affect fertility. In fact, men can be the cause of infertility in a couple in up to 50 percent of cases.

For men facing fertility problems, one of the biggest challenges can be simply opening up and talking about the issue. The good news is that we can help most couples with fertility problems conceive. We have the only fellowship-trained andrologists in Utah (specialists in male infertility). Our specialists also participate in leading-edge fertility research, bringing the latest research findings directly to your care.


To make an appointment at the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine, you will need a referral from one of these doctors:

  • urologist,
  • reproductive endocrinologist, or
  • primary care physician.

What to Expect at Your Male Infertility Evaluation

Appointment Preparation

On your first visit at our office (before your consultation with a specialist), our staff will give you a short prep appointment. When scheduling an appointment, plan on approximately 20–45 minutes for this appointment. 

What to Bring 

  • Bring your photo ID with you to your appointment.
  • Before your appointment, bring or fax a requisition order signed by your doctor for the lab you need.
  • Bring in your insurance billing form receipt. (It is the patient’s responsibility to submit this form to their insurance company.)

We will ask you to fill out a fertility questionnaire. We will also schedule you to obtain two semen analyses, blood testing to check hormone levels that are important to fertility (an endocrine profile), and in some cases an ultrasound of your scrotum. And we will discuss any paperwork we need to process your fertility testing sample, review semen collection instructions, and review payment schedule and policy.*

Semen Analysis

We will ask you to not ejaculate for two or three days before your semen analysis (no less than two; no more than three). Once you arrive, check in at the front desk and take a seat. Please come a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. We will assign you a technician, and you can ask any questions or clarify any information them.

Then you will walk to a private collection room. The technician will make sure the correct labeling is on the container before you submit your semen collection. Please lock the door after your technician leaves the room. 

Next you will deposit your semen sample into the collection container. After you’re finished, you’re free to leave unless otherwise instructed. Read more about semen analyses.

Sample collection instructions

Blood Work/Endocrine Profile

For your blood work, we will need to perform six labs (only one blood draw). Your blood will need to be drawn before 10:30 am in order to be accurate. You can get your blood drawn at our andrology laboratory or another lab that’s convenient for you. We’re happy to provide an order/script for this blood work.

Your labs will include:

  • a total testosterone,
  • follicular stimulating hormone,
  • luteinizing hormone,
  • sex hormone binding globulin,
  • albumin, and
  • estradiol.

Your Specialist Consultation

Once the prep work has been done, you will meet with a specialist. The specialist will do the following:

  • physical exam;
  • review of your semen analyses and endocrine results;
  • review of male infertility risk factors;
  • discussion about lifestyle changes, medicines, treatment options; and
  • discussion, if necessary, about surgery in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

The vast majority of men do NOT have a serious health condition that's causing their infertility. Also, while andrology doctors focus on treating men, we will often ask a few questions about your partner and whether you have talked to a reproductive endocrinologist.

We ask this information only so that we can better understand your reproductive goals as a couple. If you are worried that your female partner may have fertility problems, we will refer you to another doctor within the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine.

We will send results from your appointment and tests to your referring urologist, reproductive endocrinologist, or primary care physician. 

It may take us a couple of visits to narrow down what your potential issue is and to propose a plan of care, but by your visit with our specialist, we often have a path forward.


*Note: All services must be paid for in full at the time they are provided. We will ask for a copy of your photo ID to verify your information. A technician will review sample collection procedures, study patient consents, and long-term storage agreements as needed.