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for a mental health crisis

What Is Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

An inpatient mental health treatment center is one of the best ways to get through an acute (immediate) mental health crisis. Our inpatient mental health center is a safe place where you or a loved one can get the treatment you need when your mental health is putting you or the people you care about in danger. Our highly trained mental health professionals provide short-term care to help stabilize you and get you through the crisis.

Signs You Need to Go to a Hospital for Inpatient Mental Health Care

Asking for help or recommending that a loved one with mental health issues seek treatment at a hospital can be difficult. Keep an eye out for signs that you or a loved one need to go to the hospital for mental health treatment.

You pose a danger to yourself or others.

Many of the people who seek inpatient mental health treatment are at high risk of harming themselves or someone around them. Short-term treatment in a hospital will help stabilize your mental health and keep you safe.

You're having suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

If you are actively thinking about taking your own life, it’s important to seek immediate help. 

You're not taking care of yourself.

You may be in crisis and need help if you do one or more of the following:

  • stop eating.
  • stop taking your medications.
  • skip work or school.
  • stop bathing or showering.
  • sleep more than normal.
  • cannot sleep (insomnia).
  • feel tired all the time.
  • withdraw from social situations.

You're experiencing psychotic episodes.

psychotic episode occurs when your thoughts and perceptions make it difficult to recognize the difference between what is real and what isn’t. Some warning signs of a psychotic episode include:

  • hearing sounds that aren’t there,
  • seeing people or objects that aren’t there, or
  • constantly worrying that someone is watching you or trying to harm you. 

Warning Signs of Suicide

How to Get Help

woman comforting man

Call 988 or the Utah Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) to speak to a certified crisis worker. They will help you determine whether an inpatient mental health facility is right for you or connect you with other mental health services.

When to Go to the ER for a Mental Health Crisis

Go to the emergency room (ER) if you believe that you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else. Call 911 right away to have someone from emergency medical services respond if you can’t drive yourself or your loved one to the nearest ER.

Suicide Prevention Tips

Residential Treatment vs Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

Treatment for mental health issues is available in a variety of settings. The right place for treatment depends on:

  • the type of care you need,
  • the severity of your mental health condition,
  • your physical health, and
  • your treatment plan.

Adults who need more intensive mental health treatment can seek care in a few different ways: 

  • Hospital inpatient: Short-term hospital inpatient care with specialized inpatient units for someone who is medically compromised and needs urgent medical attention for a mental health crisis.
  • Residential treatment facilities: These facilities provide care outside of a hospital or medical facility. Many of these facilities help with drug and alcohol rehabilitation (often called “detox”) over several weeks or months.

Why Choose Huntsman Mental Health Institute?

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) at University of Utah Health takes a patient-centered approach to mental health care. Mental health issues are often misunderstood. Our HMHI inpatient care team at U of U Hospital has a deep understanding of all types of mental health issues and treats every person with compassion, dignity, and respect.

A Comprehensive Mental Health Care Team

We have professionals from many areas of mental health care who provide comprehensive services for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. As a teaching hospital, HMHI brings together faculty, students, and researchers from: 

Specialized Care

One of the things that sets HMHI apart is our ability to provide specific care based on your mental health needs. We treat several different mental health conditions within our inpatient facilities, including:

Mental Health Crisis Resources

We are here for you when you need us the most. Our team of professionals are trained in:

  • mental health crisis management,
  • suicide prevention, and
  • emotional wellness.

HMHI provides the following specialty programs and resources for you and your loved ones to prevent mental health crises and provide emotional support when needed.

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