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Farmington Health Center's orthopedic center and physical therapy clinic offers world-class care to help patients return to a healthy, productive lifestyle. We use proven clinical techniques and treatments to help you recover from injuries and trauma.

Our physical therapists also help patients manage pain, improve mobility, and improve their range of motion. 

Just as important, our physical therapists help patients learn how to prevent injury and disease in the future.


Many people think physical therapy is only for people who've recently had an injury. But physical therapy can help treat a variety of long-term (also known as chronic) aches and pains. Our physical therapists treat a range of patients—from performance athletes to women who've just given birth. 

Our specialties include the following:

  • foot & ankle care
  • hand care
  • shoulder & elbow care
  • spine care
  • sports medicine
  • trauma
  • physical medicine & rehabilitation
  • and pregnancy & post-partum care

Our team also includes massage therapists to help patients with physical therapy recovery.

Physical Therapy Services & Programs

We also partner with the University Orthopaedic Center so you can access the most current, leading-edge treatments in physical therapy.