Treating Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, & Narcolepsy

The Sleep Wake Center at the Farmington Health Center offers a variety of services to help you get a better night's sleep. Our sleep medicine doctors treat patients who suffer from a variety of sleep-related problems, including the following:

CPAP Machines & Home Sleep Testing Equipment

We understand it’s easier to monitor your sleep patterns at home rather than at a doctor’s office. We have CPAP machines available for patients to take home. You can also learn how to use your CPAP.

We also give patients tools and equipment to take home so they can test and record their sleep patterns in their own bed, outside the doctor’s office.


Where Are We Located Inside Farmington Health Center?

Our sleep medicine clinic is located on the second floor on the northeast corner of the building. Our staff will help guide you where to go when you arrive at our clinic.

Team-Based Care

Our goal is to provide comprehensive care so we can diagnose the most difficult sleep problems. We use a team approach and work with specialists in neurology, pulmonary medicine, and psychiatry/psychology.

Pharmacy: Mail Order Pharmacy


Pick up your prescriptions at several convenient health centers along the Wasatch Front or register for mail order pharmacy.

Complimentary Services & Resources

To make your appointment more convenient, we also offer:

  • free Wi-Fi,
  • an on-site pharmacy,
  • free child care during your appointment, and
  • a comfortable lobby with electrical outlets in the furniture so you can charge your device.

Free Child Care

Child care issues should never prevent you from getting to the doctor and getting the health care you need. We offer free child care for patients during their appointment.

Hear From Our Specialists

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