Enhance Your Facial Features & Facial Symmetry

To enhance certain facial features or to bring an aspect of your face into proportion, you may want to consider facial implants. Facial implants can restructure your:

  • cheek,
  • chin, or
  • jaw.

To reshape your chin, cheek, or jaw, our surgeons can insert implants into the area to change your appearance and make your facial features look fuller and younger.

Many patients also choose to have liposuction on their neck area or a neck lift to help define their jaw. Liposuction and/or a neck lift can remove extra fat and make your jaw look sharper and noticeable.

Cheek Facial Implants

Qualified Facial Plastic Surgeons

University of Utah Health’s facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists have special expertise and are trained to follow standards that produce the best results for patients choosing plastic surgery. 

To determine if chin, cheek, or jaw augmentation are the right decision for you, please schedule an appointment with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists.

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