May 7, 2019


Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: Dry eyes. Ophthalmologist Dr. Amy Lin, if somebody comes to you with that problem what do you recommend?

Dr. Lin: So dry eye is a very common condition that I see, and the symptoms of it include a sandy sensation in your eyes, redness, fluctuating vision during the day, and tearing. And there a lot of treatments out there for them, but one of the best actually is artificial tears or eye drops. They can get non-prescription, and you want to look for eye drops that are specifically made for dry eyes.

Please do not get eye drops that take the red out or for allergies. Those are not going to treat dry eyes. And you want to put the drops in about two to four times a day for at least a couple of weeks, and if you do not see any improvement whatsoever, I'd recommend that you see your eye care professional, and they may recommend other treatments to improve your symptoms.

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