Should You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?

While another of the life-altering experiences of having a child is finding out the age-old question—boy or girl—many parents choose to take advantage of modern-day imaging and find out during the second trimester more about the child they are expecting.

Here is a list of pros and cons to learning the sex of your baby during the second trimester.


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  • Your preparation time is obviously a few weeks longer! In some ways it’s a jump on getting the necessary things you will need for your bundle of joy.
  • Your list of baby names just got narrowed by half—unless you were planning on a few gender-neutral names.
  • You can help an older sibling get used to the idea of a little brother or sister.
  • Some parents feel they can bond more with their baby by knowing that much more about their little girl or boy.


  • The element of surprise is definitely altered! 
  • More trouble than it’s worth? Is waiting to make some of those preparations just more trouble? Do you want to get that nursery set up and especially fitted out for one or the other?
  • Frustrated family and friends or the neighbors who try and tell you what gender you will have by how you look!

The best thing you can do for yourself now is really decide what will help you prepare for your child. Don’t let your family and friends decide for you! You should be the one calling the shots.

Being Pregnant at Work

For women who work during pregnancy, deciding what changes you need to make to your routine can be a challenge. Obviously your physical health will affect how you cope with daily work routines.

If your job includes heavy lifting, standing for long periods, or extra long hours, you should talk with your doctor about the best ways to adjust your work routine. Be sure and take a few extra breaks to accommodate any overly strenuous work and definitely let your supervisor know ahead of time so they can help accommodate your needs.

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