Our ENT specialists treats both adults and children for conditions that affect your ears, nose, and throat.


Adult Services

We offer the following ENT services for adults:

  • otolaryngology (head & neck surgery);
  • treatment for ear, nose, & throat diseases;
  • diagnosis & treatment for tumors on the head & neck;
  • thyroid & parathyroid surgery;
  • treatments for throat disorders & hoarseness;
  • sinonasal, endoscopy, & laryngoscopy procedures performed in our clinic;
  • coblation tonsillectomy;
  • treatment for sinonasal disease/nasal obstruction & sinonasal surgery;
  • evaluation & treatment for hearing loss; and
  • surgical treatments for sleep apnea.

We also have an ENT doctor who specializes in treating adult sinus problems.

Pediatric Services

For children, we provide the following ENT services:

  • treatments for chronic ear infections & PE tube placement;
  • otolaryngology (head & neck surgery); and
  • treatment for ear, nose, & throat diseases.

Audiology (Hearing) Services

We also offer on-site audiology (hearing) services. We have an audiology booth so doctors can diagnose how severe your hearing problems are. We also offer special calibration for hearing aids called “Real Ear.”

Where Are We Located Inside Farmington Health Center?

Our ENT clinic is located on the second floor on the southwest side of the building. When you arrive at our clinic, our staff will help guide you where to go.

We understand that ENT conditions can make hearing, eating, and sleeping more difficult. We offer unique services that aren’t available at many other clinics including:

  • specialized treatment for adult sinus conditions and
  • an audiology (hearing) clinic to diagnose hearing problems.