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Teen Mother & Child Program at South Main Clinic

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3690 South Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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What is the Teen Mother & Child Program?

The Teen Mother & Child Program provides medical care for pregnant teens and their babies.

Questions & Answers

Q: Am I Eligible?

A: If you are pregnant and 19 years old or younger, you are eligible to participate in our program.

Q: Are There Other Girls Like Me?

A: Yes. We provide care for a lot of girls in your situation, and there is a strong support system among our patients.


Q: What Services Will I Receive?

A: As an expectant mother in the program, you will receive prenatal care provided by our team of certified nurse midwives from the University of Utah College of Nursing. A nurse midwife will be with you throughout the labor and delivery process and deliver your baby, which will take place at University of Utah Hospital.

Q: Are There Additional Services?

A: We understand that you face many challenges. In addition to prenatal and labor and delivery care, a team of professionals will look out for your psychological and social needs, and help you identify your educational and financial needs to match them with community resources and programs.

Q: Will I Receive Medical Care after I Have My Baby?

A: After you give birth, our board-certified pediatric doctors from University of Utah Health's Department of Pediatrics will provide medical care for you and your child.

Care includes well visits and sick visits for your child. You will also receive routine visits, as well as birth control management until you turn 20.

Q: How Much Does All of This Cost?

A: We are an affordable program and accept most insurance plans. We also offer a sliding-fee scale if you don't have insurance. A sliding-fee scale is based on your income.

Q: Where Will I Go for Appointments?

A: The Teen Mother & Child Program is located in the South Main Public Health Center at 3690 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, which is conveniently located by a TRAX station. All baby deliveries will take place at University Hospital.

Q: What Other Services are Located in South Main Public Health Center?

A: In addition to our services, the Salt Lake Valley Health Department has services located in the same health center, making it easy for you and your child to receive services, including the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Food Program, Medicaid eligibility counseling, and low cost immunizations and laboratory services.

We are proud to announce our new Teen Health Services. If you are a teenager or know a teen who needs a regular doctor contact us for an appointment.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: Please call us at 801-587-2525. We are happy to answer any questions you have. We are here to care for you and your baby.

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