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The University Neuropsychiatric Institute, or UNI, provides a continuum of exceptional mental and behavioral health services and patient care throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Our specialists treat conditions like anxiety, eating disorders, major depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse or chemical dependency for all ages.

Since March, UNI has observed a significant increase in calls to our Crisis Line. The month of July, call volume was up 27 percent over last year.

Mental health providers are noting increases in the self-reporting of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and suicidal thoughts. Individuals are talking about their worry of the unknown because of the pandemic, relationship strain, physical isolation as a family, transitioning to working from home, economic uncertainty, and social justice, all while expressing fatigue and, for some, a sense of hopelessness.

All members of our community should never feel they must face a mental health challenge alone, especially when UNI provides free crisis response programs that aim to keep all our family members, friends and neighbors safe. From a fast-acting Mobile Crisis Outreach Team to the Warm Line, which offers a compassionate voice on the other end of the line, all residents have access to a safety net when they need it most.


UNI Community Crisis Services

UNI’s community crisis services are made up of a team of licensed clinicians who are highly trained in crisis management and suicide prevention. These services include:  

  • Crisis Line, our statewide hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing prompt and compassionate crisis intervention, suicide prevention, emotional support, treatment information and referrals from licensed counselors.
  • Warm Line, a now statewide hotline for Utah residents available 8 am to 11 pm who are not in crisis but are seeking support, engagement, or encouragement from peer specialists.
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team which provides free and prompt face-to-face responses for individuals, families, schools, and first responders from licensed mental health professionals to any resident in Salt Lake County who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Service teams for both youth and adults are available 24/7 by calling the Crisis Line.
  • SafeUT, a crisis chat and tip mobile phone app allows youth across the state to talk with a licensed counselor 24/7 over the phone or via text chat

Our Clinics

In addition to serving residents during time of crisis, UNI provides care for both adults and children through our outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics in Salt Lake City and Farmington. These clinics provide adults and children with psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, consultation, therapy services and medication management.

And adults seeing support for addiction recovery – alcohol and drug treatment and outpatient detoxification can contact UNI’s Recovery Clinic to get the help they need.

All of these services can be accessed by calling UNI’s Contact Center at 801-585-1212 or by directly connecting to the crisis line at 801-587-3000.

Please remember help is just a phone call away and contact UNI if you or a loved one is experiencing are in need of mental health support.

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