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Services for Young Adult, Adult, & Geriatric Ages

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute has a wide variety of programs to treat adults, young adults, and geriatric individuals. The type and level of care you need will be different depending on your personal situation and safety concerns. 

Our mental health professionals will recommend what level of care will give you the most benefits. Our goal is for you to have the highest quality of life and functionality possible and find fulfillment in your daily activities.

Treatment Programs

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics

Young Adult Treatment Programs

Our CAT Program is a destination location for assessment and treatment for young adults and youth. SafeUT is a state-wide crisis chat and tip line. The SafeUT service provides real-time crisis intervention to youth and young adults through live chat and a confidential school safety tip program

See Youth Treatment Programs

Consult Services

These programs offer patient-centered consultations between primary care physicians and psychiatric specialists.