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About the MENU Study

Meal timing Endometrial Cancer Nutrition Study

The MENU study aims to better understand the relationship between meal timing and diet quality with metabolic health (e.g., your blood sugars, cholesterol, or blood pressure) in women living with a diagnosis of endometrial (uterus) cancer.

Why Should I Take Part?

This study is an opportunity to contribute information about your diet to advance endometrial cancer research and improve patient care. Participants like you are vital to our success.

There is no cost to be in this study, but you can earn a $20 Amazon gift card after completion of 3 food questionnaires.

How to Participate

  • Must be 18 years or older with an endometrial cancer diagnosis.
  • Be enrolled in the Total Cancer Care Study.
  • Complete a 3-day dietary recall (i.e., recall what you ate over 3-days within 1-week) via an online survey.

Contact Us

McKenzi Wilde
Study Coordinator

Mary Playdon, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, College of Health Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program, Huntsman Cancer Institute The University of Utah

This study will help us learn more about how to prevent metabolic and cardiovascular diseases among survivors of endometrial cancer. There is little research on this topic, so Huntsman Cancer Institute is joining the fight to fill this unmet need.