Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Brain Injury Program works to minimize the effects of cognitive and physical disabilities. The Rehabilitation Center's goal is to return the individual to a productive lifestyle within their home and community. Individuals with a traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury experience functional limitations that may include difficulty walking, speaking, or eating. These individuals may be more forgetful, may have difficulty understanding directions, or be unable to complete assignments at work or school.

CARF accreditedAs the only CARF accredited program in Utah, we provide among the best and most comprehensive therapies for brain trauma patients in the nation. Our goal: To return each patient to a productive lifestyle within their home and community. We take a team approach, using specialists throughout our academic medical center (the only academic medical center in the Mountain West region) with a focus on patient-centered care.

Care We Provide


  • Acute medical care Assistive technology
  • Augmentative communication
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Community reintegration
  • Driving evaluation
  • Marital & sexual counseling
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Orthotics & prosthetics fitting & training
  • School/work reintegration
  • Seating/positioning
  • Speech & language retraining
  • Swallow retraining (dysphagia)
  • Vision retraining

Areas of Treatment

  • Anoxic brain injury
  • Brain infections
  • Brain tumors
  • Encephalopathy
  • Intracranial vascular lesions/hemorrhage
  • Traumatic brain injury

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