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From Physical Therapy Back to Sports

Our Bridge Back to Sport program promotes a safe return to full activity by filling the gap between physical therapy and full sports participation. 

Participants in our program are individuals who have completed physical therapy but are not ready to return to full sports activity. 

You will join in small group sessions with others who are recovering from similar injuries. Sessions follow a series of exercises designed to encourage the skills you need to return to full sports participation. 

Our program focuses on:

  • Strength 
  • Power 
  • Flexibility 
  • Proprioception (awareness of your body's movement) 
  • Mobility  

About Our Sessions

We provide our services to individuals of all ages and gender. Each session costs $35 and are held weekly. Group sessions are led by certified athletic trainers. Each session lasts 60-90 minutes.

Program Benefits

Our Bridge Back to Sport program will help you:

  • Strengthen your muscle
  • Reduce your risk for re-injury
  • Improve your movement
  • Improve your balance
  • Enhance your athletic performance

If you are returning to sports after ACL surgery and would prefer one-on-one sessions, follow this link for more information.

Referral Information

If you are being referred by a provider or clinic outside of University of Utah Health, you will need a referral from either your orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist. 

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