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Ski Conditioning & Winter Fitness

Train For The Slopes

The ski fitness classes will prepare you for a stronger, healthier, and more confident snow sport season by focusing on overall body strength, agility, and balance through fitness techniques, education, and in-class training on how to avoid injuries on the slopes.

Classes are taught by our team of medical and fitness professionals: physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, athletic trainer, personal trainer and registered yoga teacher.

Please email for any questions.

Ski Fitness Class has concluded for 2023-24 Season

The University of Utah Orthopaedic Center 25th annual Ski Fitness class was a 9-week session beginning October through December 2023. A second session followed from January through March 2024. Two options were available:

In Person OR On Demand

Session #1

In Person* at the UOC - COMPLETED

Thank you to those who participated!

*We are a hospital based facility where masking is optional. Due to COVID-19 we ask when not feeling well to respectfully stay home and choose the On-Demand class option.

On Demand

  • 9 weeks of classes
  • 2 fitness classes, 1 smaller work out and 1 yoga class
  • All pre-recorded content on demand
  • Calendar schedule to follow
  • Cost $125

Session #2


Thank you to those who participated!

On Demand

  • Look for us next year!


Session 1

On Demand $125


Look for the 2024-25 season registration Aug 30, 2024

Session 2

Look for us next year!



Look for the 2024-25 season registration Aug 30, 2024


Before attending class, please take time to fill out the following forms and email to Thank you!

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes provides an ideal complement to our Ski Fitness class. Timed to coincide with our ski fitness program at the UOC, the targeted yoga workout is offered for any sports enthusiast looking to cross-train to reduce the risk of sports related injuries. This class is designed to help the athlete with focused moves to increase performance through stability, strength, and flexibility.

Yoga for Athletes is offered as part of our Ski Fitness program during the winter months one evening a week for 50 minutes.  Both options of In Person and On Demand October- December, and solely On Demand January-March.  This class is taught by a registered yoga teacher.

REGISTRATION for 2024-25 Sessions open Aug 30, 2024

Included with Ski Fitness registration 





Session 1:
in-person class
TBD TBD Included with Ski Fitness registration!
Session 2 TBD TBD Included with Ski Fitness registration!

Please direct all questions about the class to:
 Linda Vernon Scholl DPT

Phone: 801-587-7005

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