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Throwing Technique & Throwing Injuries

Whether you’re making a throw from shortstop or playing catch in the backyard, it’s important to have the right throwing technique. If you’ve had a throwing-related injury or are looking to improve your performance, the pros at the University Orthopaedic Clinic will help you make every throw a perfect throw—in baseball and softball. No matter what level you play, we can have you perform at your best. 


What we deliver:

  • Physical therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Improvement of flexibility, strength, and power
  • Biomechanical video analysis

For the biomechanical video analysis, we record your throwing motion and analyze ways to improve and prevent re-injury. Correcting throwing mechanics may lead to improved pitching accuracy and speed.


Find evaluation and treatment through outpatient physical therapy services with accepted University of Utah insurance plans.

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Resources for Our Patients

What Does an Orthopedic Doctor Do?

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Orthopedic Injury Clinic

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What Is Physical Therapy?

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