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Treating Abdominal Pain, Chronic Eating Problems & Other Disorders

Having a child suffer with abdominal pain, chronic eating problems, or other gastrointestinal disorders can be a very trying time for a parent. At University of Utah Health our pediatric gastrointestinal specialists will walk you through your child’s diagnosis and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our specialists work closely with parents and primary care providers, to become partners in your child's care and treatment.

Our patients include newborns to adolescents and we offer both inpatient and outpatient consultations. We specialize in treating children for common and complex gastrointestinal, liver, or growth disorders and provide nutritional support when necessary.

Find a Specialist

Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Center

The Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Center (PCNC) is where you will meet pediatric gastroenterologists with special focus on nutrition. Our team will work with you and your primary care provider to:

  • formulate a strategy for diagnosis and nutritional intervention
  • guide any medical or surgical treatment,
  • find resources and strategic referrals.

Most importantly, we want to be able to provide sustained follow-up on your child’s response and progress—so we have clinics four days a week intending to serve as a medical-nutritional home to optimize the nutrition and growth of your child.

Conditions Treated

Children we help have these conditions or challenges:

  • Not gaining weight
  • Cannot or do not eat enough
  • Do not tolerate what they eat
  • Depend on tube feeding (NG, NJ or gastrostomy)
  • Have respiratory problems associated with their eating
  • Have genetic, medical or surgical problems impairing their nutrition
  • Have an inability to sustain normal weight gain
  • Depend on intravenous nutrition(parenteral nutrition)
  • Gaining weight too fast