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The Silver Fox

Life in your 50s and upwards can be quite rewarding. Though your hairline may be receding or you’re sporting the look of the silver fox, life has plenty in store for you. It is, however, essential that you have regular checkups.

Good intentions won’t prevent you from getting sick, suffering from heart disease, or having joint problems. But your quality of life will be better if you get yourself in to the doc’s, guaranteed.

Adjusting the Routine

If you haven’t already, you are probably going to see an adjustment to your regular routine, whether it’s recommended by your doctor, or you find yourself squinting at what was once easily readable. Routine is good, but change is inevitable, so groan it out and get ready to move on.

Exercise: You’ve still got to get cardio in, but you may need to opt for lower impact sports to protect your joints. The best low impact exercises are biking, walking, and swimming. And maintain that strength training as well!

Medications: If you haven’t got any yet, you probably will. Take them as recommended by your doctor. Organize them in a pill container. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself at the top.

Diet: Fruit, veggies, protein, water. Repeat. (Guess that part didn’t actually change!) You may also find your stomach can’t, well, stomach, what you could before, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. Find substitutions or reduce those portions.

Health Vigilante

You are now ready to become a health vigilante. Don’t let your spouse/partner/significant other do all the work! Know the signs of stroke (F.A.S.T Face; Arms; Speech; Time). Keep track of your ticker. Get the colonoscopy (sorry, that’s non-negotiable—but you’ll thank yourself later). Go the distance!

Experience is undoubtedly foxy, so keep up the good work! It takes grit to live well and get the best out of life.

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