Article Date
Moran Eye Center’s Paul Bernstein and Mary Elizabeth Hartnett to Receive Prestigious Macula Society Awards 12/03/2018
Moran Patient Support Program and the Art of Adjusting to Vision Loss 11/16/2018
Study Cites Re-Emergence of Ocular Syphilis 11/09/2018
Hope in Sight: Eye Care Clinic to Provide Exams, Eyeglasses, and Surgery Referrals for Resettled Refugees 11/07/2018
New Alessandra Angelucci Lab Research Adds to Understanding of How the Brain Creates Vision 10/31/2018
Top Docs Rank Moran among Nation’s 10 Best Eye Centers 10/25/2018
Moran Doctors and Researchers to Share Expertise at AAO Annual Meeting 10/24/2018
Utah Family Helping Moran Eye Center Researchers Unravel a Challenging Genetic Inheritance 10/23/2018
On a Quest for Artificial Vision: The Moran/Cortivis Visual Prosthesis 10/08/2018
Study Sheds Light on Syndrome Causing Harmless Hallucinations among the Elderly 10/02/2018
Ariana M. Levin, MD, Named 2018 ARCS Foundation Utah Scholar 10/01/2018
Technology and Innovation Showcased at Moran Eye Center’s Translational Research Day 09/25/2018
Have You Seen Our Remodel? Renovations Enhance Patient Experience at the Moran Eye Center 09/13/2018
Nurse Exchange: From Ghana to Moran and Back 09/06/2018
Moran Eye Center among Nation’s Best Hospitals for Ophthalmology 08/14/2018
Moran Eye Center Researchers Alessandra Angelucci, David Krizaj Appointed to Endowed Professorships 07/20/2018
John A. Moran Eye Center Ophthalmology Residency Program Ranked Among Nation’s Top 10 07/19/2018
Moran Eye Center Physicians Paul Bernstein and Mary Elizabeth Hartnett Appointed to University of Utah Endowed Chairs 07/09/2018
Knights Templar Champions Moran Researcher’s Cause to Fight Blinding Childhood Retinal Disease 06/19/2018
From Innovations to Complications: Moran’s Liliana Werner Vets Them All as Global Intraocular Lens Expert 06/12/2018
Moran Eye Center Surgeons Help Former Refugees in Utah and Other Local Patients in Need 06/05/2018
ICO Host Designation: A Step Forward in Moran’s Fight to End Global Blindness 06/05/2018
Moran Eye Center Research Identifies Best Hopes for Kids Who Need Prosthetic Eye Lenses 05/09/2018
Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, Identifies Potential New Treatment Path for Retinopathy of Prematurity 05/07/2018
John A. Moran Eye Center’s Kathleen Digre, MD, Appointed Rank of Distinguished Professor 05/01/2018
At the Intermountain Ocular Research Center, New Tech for a New Era of Care 04/23/2018
Moran Researchers Tracking Down Disease Earlier with FLIO 04/23/2018
Safer, Speedier Cataract Surgery: Moran Researchers Share Efficiencies for One of America’s Most Common Surgeries 04/18/2018
Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, to Receive ARVO’s Mildred Weisenfeld Award 04/15/2018
Revolutionary New Tech for a New Era of Eye Care 04/15/2018
Survey by Moran’s Nick Mamalis, MD, Parses Intraocular Lens Problems 04/15/2018
The Unbreakable, Unstoppable Alan S. Crandall, MD 04/14/2018
John A. Moran Eye Center’s Refugee Eye Care Clinic Helps 126 04/08/2018
Connected by Vision Loss, Two Utah Runners Head to the Boston Marathon 04/07/2018
Refugee Eye Care Clinic to Provide Exams, Eyeglasses, and Referrals for Surgery 04/04/2018
Moran's Global Outreach Division Partners With Aravind Eye Care System 04/02/2018
Moran’s Avni Shah, MD, Wins International Outreach Award 03/30/2018
Focus 2018: Award-Winning Photos and Inspiring Advancements in Research, Education, and Patient Care 02/23/2018
New Research Details The Role of Working Memory in Processing Visual Information 02/21/2018
U.S Olympic Committee Partnership with Moran Helps One Elite Paralympic Medalist Make History 02/15/2018
Jeff Pettey, MD, Named Vice Chair of Education, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 02/09/2018
Moran Researcher Rebecca Pfeiffer Selected as Emerging Vision Scientist 02/06/2018
Blindness in Paradise: Moran Outreach Teams Improving Eye Care in Micronesia 02/05/2018
Moran Eye Center Researchers Show Potential Risk of Using Erythropoietin to Treat Eye Disease 02/01/2018
New Research Supports Targeted Therapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity 01/10/2018