Don't let a climbing injury keep you off the rock.

Welcome to the Climber’s Clinic. We focus on helping climbers of all levels with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Whatever form of climbing you enjoy, we can help you to keep moving. 

It’s our mission to keep you doing what you love. We offer a unique climbing evaluation that focuses on your movement strategies, strengths, mobility, and fitness level—while understanding the requirements of your specific type of climbing.

We also conduct research on climbing injuries, which allows us to provide you with the most current, research-based evaluations and treatment.

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The Climber’s Clinic is staffed by physicians and physical therapists with professional and personal knowledge of climbing. 

Our staff is trained in movement analysis of climbing. 

Here, you’ll find: 

  • Strength and mobility testing.
  • Functional movement and hanging assessments.
  • Postural correction and breath integration.
  • EMG sensor analysis to optimize shoulder loading strategies. 
  • Isokinetic dynamometry to test and to maximize your strength through all ranges of motion.

We also offer guidance to help you return to climbing after surgery.

Common Climbing Injuries

  • Finger tendon and pulley injuries 
  • Wrist instability
  • Elbow pain and elbow tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis,
  • Subacromial impingement
  • Neck pain
  • Hip and groin pain
  • Hamstring injuries
  • Low back pain

Costs & Physician Referral

The Climbing Clinic is open to any climber referred by a medical provider or self-referred.

Our fees are in line with other physical therapy evaluations and vary by treatment. Visits may be billed to insurance or individuals may pay in cash.

The Climbing Clinic provides an individual, one-on-one evaluation and treatment session with each client. 

(We treat clients recovering from active injuries, and refer to coaches and trainers for those interested in solely improving their climbing skill.)

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