What Is Spinal Fusion?

Back or spinal fusion is a procedure doctors use to treat spinal stenosis and other age-related or degenerative spine problems. The surgery is designed to stop motion—or movement—of your joints between two vertebrae in your spine. The procedure fuses (joins) together these two vertebrae, which reduces pain in your back and neck.

During spinal fusion surgery, your doctors will place bone grafts around these two vertebrae in your spine. To perform a bone graft, your surgeon will transplant healthy bone tissues from other parts of your body to the two vertebrae in your spine. The transplanted bone tissue grows and heals over several months, and then fuses the vertebrae together.

Your doctor may recommend a spinal fusion if you have any of the following conditions:

If you are suffering from spine, neck, and back pain and earlier treatments haven’t helped, you may want to talk to your doctor about spinal fusion. You can schedule an evaluation to receive a customized recommendation from our specialty-trained surgeons.

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