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University Pediatric Clinic

University Pediatric Clinic

50 N Medical Dr, Level A, B01
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

PHONE: 801-581-2205

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Location Hours

8 AM - 5 PM | Monday - Friday

We Have Moved!

Staring 7/17, we are located in our new location at the University of Utah hospital, Level A, B01.

Well-Child Visits, Immunization Shots, & Comprehensive Children's Health Care

Our care team at the University Pediatric Clinic provides convenient and accessible pediatric care for children from birth until age 18. Our highly trained and board-certified physicians develop one-on-one relationships with parents and families so you can feel comfortable with your child’s doctor.

We offer the following services for your child:

  • routine wellness exams,
  • screenings,
  • immunization shots and boosters,
  • lactation/breastfeeding support,
  • treatments for injuries, and
  • personalized counseling.

Pediatric Services for Every Family

In addition to providing high-quality general pediatric care, we offer a number of services to meet families’ diverse needs:

  • Families with health questions can call our Nurse Triage Line from 7am – 9pm (plus an on-call physician is available to answer urgent questions after hours).
  • Women who are breastfeeding can access guidance and support in our Lactation Clinic.
  • Families and children with chronic and complex medical conditions can get help navigating the health care system from our care coordinator. Our care coordinator arranges referrals, helps families apply for services like Medicaid and disability, and facilitates communication between families and health care providers. Se habla español.
  • Families whose children have special health care needs can access counseling and peer-to-peer emotional support through our Parent Partner program.
  • Patients who don't speak English can access interpretive & translation services, available by request.
  • Families looking for community support can connect with programs and resources through our social work services. These services are generally available during daytime business hours.

If your child needs a pediatric specialist, our team can refer your child to a full array of subspecialists.

A mother with infant twin girls and a toddler talk to a U of U Health pediatrician

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Appointments & Patient Information


Please call us to schedule an appointment and to schedule routine well-child checkups (six to eight weeks in advance for well-child checkups). We do not accept walk-ins but we do provide same-day visits for urgent medical concerns for our established patients Saturdays (hours vary).

Each of our pediatricians schedules appointments one to five half-days per week; one of these sessions may be in the evening. Please schedule your child’s check-ups and advance appointments with your primary care pediatrician. If your child has several medical issues or special health care needs, please ask to schedule longer appointments with the doctor.

When you call for an appointment, our staff will ask for your child’s insurance information. Please have your child’s insurance information handy.

You can also speak to a nurse 7 days a week from 7 am–9 pm (option 3).

We accept a variety of insurances and Medicaid.

Regular Pediatrician Unavailable?

If your child is ill or needs to be seen when your regular pediatrician is unavailable, you can ask to schedule an appointment with any pediatrician in the clinic that day, including faculty and resident physicians. Resident visits are supervised by a faculty pediatrician, who also may examine your child.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Pediatrician appointment, boy gets reflexes checked

Well-child checkups are something you should schedule for your child at least once a year. Well-child checks ensure your child is meeting important developmental milestones and that their health is on track. When you bring your child to an appointment, you can expect us to do these things:

  • Give your child a physical exam and regular screenings.
  • If needed, give your child vaccinations (immunizations and booster shots).
  • Make sure they meet milestones in growth, behavior, and skills.
  • Diagnose and treat your child's illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health problems.
  • Conduct health screenings for preventative medicine.
  • Give you information about your child's health, safety, nutrition, and fitness needs.
  • Answer your questions about their growth and development.
  • Refer you to specialists if we think your child needs specialized care.

Age Friendly Health System


University of Utah Health Geriatric Services are putting in place specific care practices for older adults. Madsen, Sugar House, and Stanbury have all achieved Committed to Care Excellence status.


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