Treating Cycling Injuries & Bike Fitting

A visit to the Cyclist’s Clinic is different than a traditional bike fitting. We can do more than adjust your bicycle to a set of parameters. Our physical therapists are experts in treating musculoskeletal injuries and as well as certified in bicycle fit assessment.

To treat pain you may be experiencing from cycling, we use a thorough analysis of your biomechanics on and off the bike to find the source of your pain. This means not only adjusting your bike for a more comfortable fit, but also improving your body with physical therapy techniques like therapeutic exercises, stretches, and manual therapy. Assessing and correcting your bike fit is only one component of the physical therapy treatments we provide to get you back to riding pain free.

Because the Cyclist’s Clinic is performing skilled physical therapy interventions, visits to our clinic can be covered by health insurance. Please check with your health plan for specific physical therapy benefits and whether you need a doctor’s referral.

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Our Services

Our 90-minute evaluation includes:

  • Patient's history, including current and past injuries, cycling experience and goals, and any previous bike fit strategies
  • Physical examination: flexibility, joint mobility, strength, muscle coordination, and posture
  • Analysis of current bicycle fit, posture, pedaling quality, and biomechanics
  • Bike fit changes as needed
  • Therapeutic exercises to address musculoskeletal impairments
  • Manual therapy, as indicated, to improve joint or soft tissue mobility
  • Instruction in pedaling mechanics and efficiency, as indicated
  • Return from injury training progression
  • Equipment recommendations

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